Saturday, April 4, 2009

This time last year

I can not believe that it has been a year since I was rushed to the hospital because my water broke. It was a crazy time of year. I still remember calling Ann to come pick me up and take me to the hospital. When we got there I had to rap Noah's blanket around my legs to keep the water from dripping. And the hole time I was still scared that I just was peeing my pants and my water didn't really break. (lol even though it was pretty obvious.) I was in so much pain until they gave me the epidural. After that it was smooth sailing. I just listen to Cold Play on the Ipod untill the nurse came in and told me I was ready to push.

When Zoe came out the first thing I said was that she looked like an Alien, and sounded like a baby Dino Sour. She just made the tiniest little cry when she came out, and that was it. Brandon was supposed to cut the cord but he froze. He looked as though he was about to pass out.

Holding Zoe in my arms felt so good, she had been in my stomach for so long and I was able to hold her and see that she was a beautiful healthy baby. I was so tired but I did not want to sleep a minute because I knew my time with her was so short. It was stressful being in the hospital because Brandon still didnt not want to give her up for adoption and we were fighting about it till the very last minute. But the time came and we signed the papers and she was taken home by her new mommie and daddie. It was a happy but sad time. I have never had to do something so hard in my life.

What a year it has been since Zoe has been born. Anywhere from my sister dieing to Brandon dieing to getting my little baby up for adoption. Wow!

I am blessed to know that Zoe has been in a good family with good parents to raise and teach her. And I know that she will always be loved by so many people.

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  1. Lydia! I had no idea you had a blog! I hope you keep up with it so we know what you are up to!! =) I bet today is kinda hard for you...I wish you could be here with us to see Zoe on her birthday! She is oblivious though & just laughs when we sing happy birthday to her! We have had a pretty mellow day hanging out at my parents! We went to breakfast and then went swimming and Zoe loved that part!! =) Now she is taking a nap before the big "party" starts!! She has no clue it is her birthday! Ha! Hopefully she will like her cake tonight and I'm sure she'll have fun opening presents!! =) Anyway, it was good to read this post...I totally remember the first words out of your mouth were "she looks like an alien"!! Ha....she sure turned out to be a cutie, huh? And I remember Brandon looking so shocked and frozen! So funny! Anyway, thanks so much for letting Zoe be a part of our lives...we love her and we love you!!