Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stay on you feet.

Oh okay! Man oh man life has been hard for me lately, but when is life easy? So I have been pretty much bumbing around on the streets with no money, staying with a different friend everynight. I have been making it work for the most part. I am trying to still look for a job any job that will pay me enough to atleast get a place that I can pay rent for and get food in my belly. So I spent a week in vegas staying with my friend Bree. I met Bree at Kolob, she was so nice to let me stay there. She fed me, put a roof over my head, and gave me something to do. But I couldnt stay there forever, because that wouldnt be fare to Bree for me to just bumb off of her. But my car is broken down in vegas so for a bit I was homeless, carless, and phoneless. Life is slowly picking up for me, I got my phone turend back on.

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