Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Okay. I am totaly new at this bloging thing. Well at this point in my life, i just want to talk about what I am up to and what is new in my life. I am living in st. george Utah just outside the the st. george area called Washington. I live with two roommates and one of their boy friends. They are really cute girl and eassy to get along with. I work at hollister on the sales floor, it doesnt pay much so I am really sturggling to pay all my bills. The reasoned I moved to St. George was to work and live for my older brother Nick but that did not work out well. After I moved all my stuff down he fired me and told me to find another place to live. But I have been slowly getting back on my feet but getting more and more in depbt. I am currently working on finding new friends to hang out with, it is hard at the time because my cell phone has just been turned off and any friends i do make i cant call. Well thats it for now, I guess. I will try this thing again another day and see how it goes. Wish me luck to another boaring day trying to get through life one minute at a time.

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